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  Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative's ADSL PRICING - Effective September 1, 2010
Name Download Speed* Upload Speed* Residentiall Price  Business Price Setup Fee****
ADSL Lite 768k* 384k* $29.95 $29.95 $99.00
ADSL Bronze 1 Meg* 512k* $39.95 $39.95 $99.00
ADSL Premium 3 Meg* 512k* $49.95 $49.95 $99.00
ADSL Gold 5 Meg* 768k* $59.95 $69.95 $99.00
ADSL Platinum 6.0 Meg* 768k* $69.95  $79.95 $99.00
ADSL Extreme 10 Meg* 1 Meg* $89.95 $99.95 $99.00
Wireless Router $4.95 a month        
Static IP $20 a month        

* Certain restrictions may apply. All speeds not available in all areas - Bledsoe Telephone does not guarantee Download & Upload Speeds
***Total price for ADSL service does not  include price for taxes, local and long distance phone services as well as any special calling features like Call Waiting or Caller ID.
**** Other setup charges may apply

(Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative will supply one ADSL modem that will allow one computer with already installed ethernet card to access the internet - the use of more that one computer is allowed, but the customer must provide and configure the router correctly to allow more that one computer to access the internet - use of a wireless device is permitted, but Bledsoe Telephone does not provide technical support on equipment not supplied by Bledsoe Telephone - you must contact the wireless manufacture's technical support for help Note: the default connection on most wireless routers will work with Bledsoe Telephone's ADSL server because Bledsoe Telephone only uses DHCP without the use of a username and password- do not run the setup disk that comes with the wireless router. Bledsoe Telephone will only  provide one public, dynamically assigned by DHCP, IP address with each ADSL connection. A static IP address may be obtained for $20 a month per IP address.)

  • Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does NOT:
    • Provide anti-virus or anti-hacking protection on ADSL connections. It is your responsibility to safeguard against the risks of hacking, viruses, eavesdropping, and all other such hazards.
    • Support print of any data on this connection on any Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative devices. You may use your own printer direct-attached to your computer if you wish.
    • Provide technical support or data connection support for any personal devices not supplied by Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative that use this connection. You are responsible for setting up your computer and attached devices as needed for direct connect and wireless access to the Internet.
    • Provide technical support for the computer's operating system and any programs on the customer's computer.

How it works:
 ADSL runs over the phone line already installed in your home, and allows you to talk on the phone while you surf the net at VERY FAST SPEEDS, so you will not need a second telephone line for this service.

 DSL technology takes advantage of your existing phone line. While regular phone calls are transferred at relatively low frequencies, DSL data is transmitted at much higher frequencies. Both types of transmissions can occur simultaneously, without interference.

 Voice and digital data are separated by a splitter or microfilter placed in your home or office. The splitter or microfilter sends voice transmissions to the telephone, and digital data transmissions to a ADSL modem. Fax machines will operate as usual.

DSL offers a virtually instantaneous connection, with no lengthy dial-in process. It's almost like flipping on a light switch: DSL is always there, whenever you want it.

ADSL availability for Bledsoe Telephone's telephone subscribers:
 Bledsoe Telephone is in the process of providing ADSL service to its customers. ADSL service is currently available in the Dunlap and Pikeville offices. If you live in the 447, 533, 554, 881 or 949 exchanges, please call or e-mail us to see if you can get ADSL service where you live.  ADSL is an added service to your phone line just like caller ID or call waiting, so you would take the  price for ADSL and Internet and add it you what you are already paying for phone service. If you have a second phone line to dial up to the Internet, you could drop the second line and add ADSL to your first line. If you have any questions about ADSL service, please call  447-2121.


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